December 21, 2016

About Us

About Us

Susie’s Knee was founded by brothers Justin and Anthony Lee.   Five years ago their mother (Susie) fell and shattered her kneecap while the family was on vacation in Jamaica.  They took her to the best local hospital there, and their experience showed them just how much they took their way of life for granted.  Patients awaiting treatment lined the floors and flustered nurses rushed around trying in vain to find simple medical equipment that the hospital did not have.  When the nurse that treated their mother went to cut the bandage off of her knee, she had to use office scissors because the hospital lacked medical shears.  With the knowledge that this was one of the best hospitals in Jamaica, they could only imagine the conditions in the others.  Still, even with the extremely limited supplies, the staff there worked hard to make sure that our mother got the best care possible.  With the new realization of just how lucky they are to live comfortable lives every day, they became determined to make a difference in the lives of others.

Our Mission

"Helping medical providers serve the underprivileged."

First and foremost, it is our goal to help the underprivileged patients in hospitals and victims of natural disasters.  For this reason, shipments of supplies that we send contain mostly disposable medical supplies that the patients will be the final "users" of.  This way, the patients can receive a higher quality of medical care and hopefully see a faster and healthier recovery.  The supplies have included things such as hydrogen peroxide, disposable razors, shears, thermometers, pulse oximeters, blood pressure cuffs, alcohol swabs, examination gloves, assorted bandages, sponges, and even bedsheets and gungo peas to be distributed among the neediest patients.  Additionally, we have supplied toiletries and diapers to victims of natural disasters to provide hygiene and prevent disease.

Our Vision

We see Susie's Knee scaling on a national level.

So how do we accomplish our goal?  So far, we've raised funds locally through a GoFundMe page, multiple "Susie's Knee Invitational" soccer tournament fundraisers, and generous community sponsors.  We've put on medical supply drives in Miami schools.  But in the future we see ourselves working on a state and even national scale, partnering with schools all over and helping get kids involved by creating a model that's both easy to replicate and fun to engage in.